Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The use of Tungsten in Golf equipment improves the game


STREET PRICE: $900 (set of eight, graphite)
LOFTS: 6-iron: 28 degrees, PW: 44 degrees

TECH TALK: Adams has tweaked its set makeup from last year's a3OS by adding a hybrid-like 9-iron, leaving one cavity-back iron (the pitching wedge) instead of two. The Boxer hybrids have a magnesium crown that is 77 percent lighter than stainless steel. The hybrids feature tungsten weights in the heel and toe to improve forgiveness.

PLAYER COMMENTS: (H) "It's not a club you'd fall in love with looking at it on the rack, but you do once you hit it." . . . (M) "The feel is fantastic for this kind of club, and the transition throughout the set seems spot-on."

HOT: When it comes to helping golfers, Adams clearly makes an effort. A maraging-steel face and the pull-face construction on the hybrids give choppers added distance, and Adams doesn't skimp on the shaft (Graphite Design's Tour AD YSQ-HL). Read more...

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