Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tungsten for a better roll



TECH TALK: The fusion of a milled 1025 carbon-steel body to a dense tungsten flange moves the center of gravity (CG) low and deep for a better roll. Two head weights are used to accommodate different shaft lengths, and the dual-layer face insert comprises a resilient elastomer back and a urethane outer surface that's thin but firm. The finish is black nickel. Also available in #1 (Anser-style) and #9 (mid-mallet).

PLAYER COMMENTS: (M) "Such clean, beautiful lines. best-looking putter they make." ... (L) "Sound and feel are fabulous, very quiet and distinct." ... (T) "A perfect putter for someone who focuses on path." ... ("If you're an instinctual putter, this is your instrument because it has just that single dot.")

HOT: The sleek application of extra weight to the flange encourages this classic shape to swing close to the ground. Read more...

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