Friday, June 26, 2009

Company eyes Knight Inlet’s mining potential for a Tungsten Mine

A Vancouver company wants to find out if Knight Inlet is a good location for a tungsten and silver mine.

Dentonia Resources Ltd., a Vancouver-based company which is also involved in diamond mining projects in the Northwest Territories, announced this week it had discovered an "encouraging" amount of tungsten in samples from its mining claims in Knight Inlet. The company took 11 chip samples over 22 metres, which show an average of 1.72 kilograms tungsten per ton of mined material and an average of 3.7 grams of silver per ton.

"In light of the encouraging chip sample results, the company has staked an additional 21,940 hectares, bringing the total area to 29,256 hectares," says the company's announcement.

Tungsten is a hard, corrosion-resistant element with the highest melting point of all non-alloy metals. Tungsten and its alloys are used in high-temperature structural materials and many electronic applications.

As well, the company pointed out, WO3 concentrate (tungsten oxide powder) is valuable, currently worth US$25 per kilogram.

Adolf Petancic, president of Dentonia Resources, said the company wants to get some more information about the potential of the tungsten deposit in its Knight Inlet claim.

"The next step would be to do some prospecting, geological sampling," he said.

If it proves to be worth the effort, the company would start more intensive exploration. But that would be much later, he said, adding the company would consult with First Nations in the region before going that far with the project.

Knight Inlet is located on the mainland, roughly 80 kilometres from Campbell River, accessible by boat or air. It is a popular destination for wildlife tours, and is also home to the Knight Inlet Lodge.

A few of the claims have road access.

"Some of the claims are accessible by existing logging roads from the Loughborough Inlet and Phillips Inlet, which are both located to the south of Knight Inlet," says the company announcement.

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