Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quality tungsten carbide tipped saw blades are holding up well

Working hard to develop export markets

Published Date: 15 April 2009
UNDAUNTED by recession, Chris Walker us aiming to boost exports from eight to 25 per cent of turnover.
"We have been working extremely hard to develop export markets," says Chris.

"We are working with UK Trade and Investment, through its Passport to Export scheme and are targeting the Middle East and Europe.

"The quality of the product – and the fact that we are able to put the 'Made in Sheffield' logo on it – gives us an export advantage over Germany, France and Sweden. We are very proud to be able to use the Made in Sheffield Mark," he adds.

Chris Walker says some niche products have been hit by the recession, but quality tungsten carbide tipped saw blades are holding up well.

Demand for circular saw blanks, which are coated with diamond and used to cut pipes for oil wells, has quietened down as has demand for tungsten carbide tipped tines, used for scarifying grass. Read more...

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