Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Uses of Tungsten

Compact, Integrated X-Ray Source

The compact and cost-effective source’s internal x-ray tube is powered at up to 100 kV at 100 W and features power factor-corrected universal input and an analog or RS-232 interface. The sealed unit can be mounted in any physical orientation. It has a stationary, tungsten anode x-ray tube and provides a fan-shaped x-ray beam geometry. Read more...

Sumig Robotic Welding Torches. Made in Brazil and developed especially for our tough local conditions.

WELDING Automation says it will demonstrate safe tungsten electrode grinding at its National Manufacturing Week 2009 stand, using Neutrix and Ultima-TIG tungsten grinders.
Welding Automation will also have working displays of its solutions using a Motoman 6S robot, equipped with tough Sumig robotic welding torches and shock sensor mount. Read more...

Idea Tech a4OS
Add Idea Tech a4OS hybrids (3-5) for a bona fide max-game-improvement design. The magnesium crown (77 percent lighter than stainless steel) pushes more weight to the sole. The club�s low CG (4 percent lower than Tech OS) should improve launch. A geometric "Boxer" shape plus two tungsten sole weights (totaling 16 grams) fortify head stability (MOI is 15 percent higher than Tech OS). The draw-bias head has a maraging steel face to augment ball speed on off-center hits. Read more...

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