Friday, December 5, 2008

Tungsten carbide components used in the mining industry and tooling sector

3 December 2008

As part of its hard-metal blank and semifinished-sintered-product capability, LMT's Boehlerit division in Austria offers a customer-specific design and development service for sintered tool blanks such as hobs, shank style cutters, reamers, drills, fir-tree root cutters, and brazed tips, as well as general sintered products. The service is now available in Great Britain through LMT (UK) Ltd.

The Boehlerit division is a leading supplier of tungsten carbide components for wear parts used in the mining industry and tooling sector. It can develop tools with or without through-coolant facility, and, through its sub-micrograin hard-metal technology, can provide tools with cobalt content between 6 and 15%. Read more...

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